Official SERPs Competition FAQ

What are SERPs?

SERPs are "Search Engine Result Pages". The thing you see when you search for something in Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) makes sure to get reliable rankings, and to convert those rankings into money.
In another context SERPs also means "State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme"

What is the SERPs Competition?

It's a battle for the top of the Google result on February 16th 2004.

What is Nigritude Ultramarine?

"Nigritude Ultramarine" is a nonsense phrase for the new follow-up SEO competition.

Can I join the SERPs competition?

The SERPs competition is over; this site won.

Who came up with the idea for competition?

The guys over at newsgroup on January 16th 2004, the official start of the competition.

Will there be more than one competition?

A continuation is planned, but no definite plans are made yet.

What are strategies to get on top for "SERPs"?

One is blog-guestbook spamming, but spamming is always risky (and not nice to others).

Do I have to include the word "SERPs" on my page?

Some may say you should (for your own sake of better ranking), but you definitely don't have to! Equally if not more important are incoming links. The competition entry is a good example of a "SERPs"-less page.

What do I have to put on my page?

It's good manner to also write what SERPs are or to otherwise deliver helpful information. We don't want to spam the search results with total garbage.

So there are no rules at all?

Well, is has been agreed on that the page must be new and created entirely for the competition. Other than that, no.

Who's participating in the competition?

Here are some, in no special order (and there might be more):

  1. Serps Index and Homepage (and we have no serps rules :))
  2. We love SERPs (SERPs)
  3. SERPs (ddjem)
  4. SERPS Competition (Fruetel Media)
  5. SERPs (Daniel Ruscoe)
  6. Serps - State Earning Related Pension Scheme (davidof)
  7. SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages (IceIsHot)
  8. SERPs (Mr. X)
  9. SERPs - Computerlexikon Glossar (Tobias Schwarz)
  10. SERPs what are they ? (Trusylver)
  11. SERPs (David D.)
  12. SERPs: How to Increase your Traffic from Google and Drive Visitors to Your Site (geoPet)
  13. serps (Alain)
  14. SERPS search engine ranking pages (James Taylor)
  15. Rinky-Dink Serps (John C)
  16. Google find me first for SERPs (Chris Hickman)
  17. serps (yonnermark)
  18. SERPs and More SERPs (Chris R.)
  19. SERPs (siteseeker)
  20. SERPs (Mark Carey)
  21. serps (Jay)
  22. SERPs (David Charbonnier)
  23. SERPs - Da French SeO PoWaa !! ;-) (Puma Noires)
  24. serps? (Beowulf)
  25. SERPs (T.J.)
  26. Serps (Joerg)
  27. SERPs (Alan Skerrett)
  28. serps simply serps (Rosalyn Serex)
  29. SEO Serps (HayMeadows)
  30. it's not - Search Engine Ranking Positions - as you say here but - Search Engine Result Page - ... (noname)
  31. Jeremy SERPs rule (all about SERPs)
  32. SERPs (Siegfried Balmung)
  33. SERPs (SEO Dave)
  34. SERPs Competition Registration Form (Justin Koivisto)
  35. "SERPS" - Eric's entry for the SERPS competition (Eric)
  36. "SERPs" Competition at Google Blogoscoped (Philipp Lenssen)
  37. serps (brothermark)

How does Google evaluate who to put on top?

Their algorithms are secret to outsiders, though incoming links count a lot (they increase the PageRank and the value a site gets for a certain word, which is decided by the link-text used).

Is the SERPs competition sponsored by Google Inc.?

No, the competition is in no way connected to Google.

Who's winning?

Well, check the SERPs for "SERPs"!

Who owns this site?

Find the answer to that at Google Blogoscoped.